A FIRE broke out at the Pound Bakery in Bolton town centre.

The blaze, which started in the Market Street branch at about 8.40am today, was tackled by two fire engines.

Passers by reported a "horrible burning smell" permeating the town centre as smoke billowed out into the street.

Witness Faruk Kara who works in the nearby ADM newsagent said he heard a "massive bang" when the fire started.

He added: "I was outside the shop as I was going to deliver papers when the massive bang happened and I heard a lady scream.

"I looked inside and saw the staff members running out of the back door."

All the front windows of the bakery have been smashed, although it is not clear how this happened.

One firefighter fell inside the building and dislocated his shoulder.

Crews believe the blaze started because of an electrical fault.

Watch manager Ian Ainsworth said: "We think it started around the incoming electrical supply but we are waiting for the supply to be isolated before we can investigate.

"We entered via the back door and the building was heavily smoke-logged.

"A fire around the electiricty supply was reaching the ceiling, so we used hose reels but had to be careful because of the electricity.

"All the food was damaged - I think the pasties are a bit too well done."

Staff were inside the bakery at the time, but they all escaped unhurt, and have now been transferred to the Newport Street branch.

Pound bakery operations manager David Silvester said he was pleased that everyone got out unhurt and that the firm would be "working into the night" to make sure the shop can reopen as soon as possible.

Smoke filled the neighbouring businesses, Shaws Amusements, the Mary Jane clothes shop and ADM newsagents.

Asif Adam, who works at Mary Jane clothes shop said the smoke had entered his store and damaged clothing.

He added: "The firefighters have used a fan to blow the smoke out which has helped but with the loss of trade we could lose about £1,000."