PARENTS will be given the chance to sit GCSE science exams alongside their children when a school introduces free classes for adults later this year.

Sharples School is putting on the free science classes to equip them with the perfect formula for a bright and successful future.

Caroline Molyneux, head of science and assistant headteacher at the secondary school, is leading the classes after they were a big hit at her former school.

She said: “I did this for seven years at Balshaw School in Leyland and many of my past students had a career change, with one going on to work in the ambulance service and another gained an A* and is working towards her ambition of becoming a vet.”

Parents of Year 10 pupils who are studying the same course are invited, to add a competitive element, as they will sit their exams at the same time.

The classes will run in term time once a week on Mondays from 5pm to 7pm.

Miss Molyneux, who has been recognised nationally as an inspirational teacher, said: “The course is completely free as part of our community work.

“I do it because of the satisfaction the adults get achieving the GCSE, which for some of them will change their lives and I like helping people.”

She said GCSE science is more important than ever, with it being an essential qualification for those aspiring to become primary school teachers, paramedics and other careers.

Teaching assistants have already enrolled on the course.

Miss Molyneux said: “We have fantastic teaching assistants working in school and although they have English and maths, they don’t have science so can’t go on to be a teacher.”

Paula Sutcliffe from Preston is now working towards her ambition of becoming an ambulance technician after securing a job with the ambulance service after attending the course in Leyland.

The 43-year-old said: “Caroline was running the course at my daughter’s school and although it can be a little nerve-racking going back to school, she was so welcoming and helpful.”

To enrol on the course email Miss Molyneux on c.molyneux@sharplesschool.