A SECOND protest against attacks on Gaza saw hundreds gather in a town centre.

Only two weeks after a demonstration against the attack on Gaza a further protest against the Israeli action was staged on Friday.

Over three hundred people gathered in Nelson town centre to show their opposition to the continued strikes. The protest was called by the Pendle Palestine Twinning Group.

Addressing the demonstration, Richard MacSween, chair of the group, said: “Since we protested here two weeks ago, over a thousand more people have been killed in Gaza, mostly civilians and many of them children. The attacks on Gaza must stop, but that in itself is not enough.

“Justice for the Palestinian people means an end to illegal Israeli settlements, an end to the Wall and an end to the military occupation.”

A collection was held for Medical Aid for Palestine Gaza Appeal, raising £300.

A further protest is planned for Saturday August 9 when there will a march from Brierfield gathering outside the town hall and library to Nelson, starting at 2.30pm.