A UNION leader has spoken out about the new appointment of Ofsted’s new chairman.
Blackburn’s National Union of Teachers representative Simon Jones said the appointment of David Hoare represented the ‘politicisation’ of the role.
Mr Hoare is the trustee of struggling academy chain AET, but will step down from this role to take over Ofsted in September.
The Department for Education is reported as saying he was appointed for his business experience.
Mr Jones said: “He is a trustee of one of the largest academy chains. Teachers will view today’s appointment as further evidence of the government's politicisation of school inspection.”
He added that teaching unions want to see ‘impartiality’ of treatment between mainstream schools and academies: “This could further widen the credibility gap between Ofsted and schools, and the new chair will need to demonstrate his competence to chair the school inspectorate in an impartial manner with regard to all academy and community schools.
“It is essential that Ofsted distances itself from the pressure to force schools to become academies against their will.
“It’s time for a rethink on school support services. We need a bigger role for local authorities and a move away from punitive, centralised, data-driven judgements on teaching and learning. David Hoare should make this a priority.”