THE cause of a heart defect which nearly led to the death of former Whites star Fabrice Muamba has been discovered.

The discovery of what leads to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by heart specialists at Cardiff University could now lead to a cure for the condition.

The specialists found two key proteins in heart cells are at the route of the problem, which at the moment kills dozens of young people every year.

The Professors at Cardiff University found that “incoherent communication” between the two proteins in heart cells was to blame for the previously inexplicable cause of death.

The doctors now believe that new drugs could be found that could help to battle against sudden cardiac death.

Professor Tony Lai from Cardiff University School of Medicine’s Sir Geraint Evans Wales Heart Research Institute, said: ““A healthy and regular heartbeat is maintained by precise control of the calcium level in heart muscle cells, but our experiments have identified a genetic flaw that invites chaos to this process,”

Former Wanderers midfielder Muamba nearly died on the pitch after his heart stopped while playing at White Hart Lane in an FA Cup game against Spurs in March 2012.

After receiving lengthy attention on the pitch, he was taken to London Chest Hospital where he later recovered.

The incident forced Muamba to retire from the sport and he now regularly campaigns for the Arrhythmia Alliance charity and their work to battle sudden cardiac arrest.