KIND-hearted volunteers turned a Blackburn car park into a street party for homeless people last night.

Strangers came together as part of the Help The Homeless internet movement to put on a feast of food and music, and to give advice about a variety of issues.

Wesley Hall, the event’s project manager, celebrated his 32nd birthday at the gathering, which was held in the car park opposite Blackburn fire station, in Byrom Street.

Mr Hall said it was an opportunity to make a positive difference in the community.

The Burnley man, who has faced homelessness himself, said: “I’m not interested in presents or anything for me. All I wanted is for people to turn up with a plate, tray, container, or pan of food for the homeless of East Lancashire, or even some clothing, or toiletries.

“Sadly, we can’t house everyone, but to lift up their morale I’m hosting an event for them to have a feast, get some clothing, haircuts, some housing advice, entertainment, soft drinks and hot drinks, bedding, and sign-posting to various agencies and organisations that can help them.”

Muhammad Hussain, owner of Smart Chocolate in Calendar Street, Blackburn, took cakes and crisps to the event.

He said: “Wesley invited me on Facebook and I’ve been to a few things like this before. It’s really great.

“Everyone has desires to have nice things but some people are less fortunate.

“Sometimes homeless people don’t get treated like human beings, but they’re just the same as us.

Billie-Jean Ashworth, who travelled with friends from Colne, said: “We’ve brought some snacks and toiletries. The feedback has been really positive from everyone.”

Earlier this year, volunteers braved gale force winds and freezing temperatures to help the homeless in Burnley after being inspired by a single message on Facebook.

Every Wednesday night, the volunteers set up a mobile food kitchen on the car park, give away clothing, as well as helpful advice.