A PANE of glass fell 10 feet and landed on a stunned shopper as he was standing in the entrance to the Morrisons supermarket in Harwood.

The Lea Gate store was plunged into chaos at about 5.45pm this evening, but Morrisons insists that panels of glass at its Harwood store are safe.

The glass fell about 10 feet from a canopy above the main entrance and landed on a shopper who was standing beneath it.

The incident is thought to have been caused by microscopic fractures which occurred during the manufacturing process.

The shop was able to stay open, using a fire exit for shoppers to enter the supermarket while the main entrance was roped off so staff could clear the debris.

Dr Kirby, who runs Crompton Health Centre in Crompton Way, was shopping with his daughter when the pane of glass fell out of its frame and shattered on the ground below.

He carried out first aid on the man who was injured by the glass, before an ambulance arrived

A Morrisons spokesman said: “The incident is being investigated by Morrisons and we are also in touch with the local authority.

"Specialist consultants have reassured us the remaining panels are safe.”

A North West Ambulance spokesman said an ambulance arrived at the supermarket just before 6pm but left, without a patient, at 6.45pm.

The man was treated at the scene but suffered only minor cuts after the glass pane had fallen on him, the spokesman added.