A CONVICTED heroin dealer caught during a police sting operation has been jailed for 60 weeks after being found with a knife.

Burnley Crown Court heard drug addict Sean Rayson had been “very lucky indeed” to have been given a 12-month community order in June last year for two offences of supplying heroin and two of offering to supply the drug.

Judge Graham Knowles, QC, said: “You were more fortunate still when you breached it and didn't go to prison and got a suspended sentence and you stretched your fortune to its limits when you breached that and still didn't go to prison. You must now go to prison.”

The judge said Rayson had failed to attend appointments and obviously had no real motivation to do anything about his drug problems but this latest knife offence could have had fatal consequences.

Judge Knowles added: “You give up control really, if you go out with a knife.”

Rayson, 42, of Larch Street, Nelson, admitted possessing a bladed article and failing to surrender in breach of the suspended term. He had 34 previous convictions.

Prosecutors said he had given police a “hopeless explanation” when they had asked him why the blade was in his pocket.

Last June, the crown court heard how Rayson introduced an undercover police officer to his dealer. He was spared prison so he could seek rehabilitation.

He repeatedly put the undercover officer in touch with his supplier.

As part of the suspended sentence, Rayson had also been placed on 12 months supervision and a nine-month drugs programme.