A search for hidden pumping stations in Bury is being carried out.

United Utilities (UU) wants householders to help it find private pumping stations, which help pump waste to the nearest sewage treatment works, and can often be in people’s gardens or on nearby land.

Changes to the law mean that UU will become responsible for many of these stations, and the company is urging people to come forward if they know about a nearby station.

Clues to whether residents have a nearby station include manhole covers and metal cabinets, or cupboards containing electrical equipment.

Private pumping stations help to remove wastewater from properties which are lower than a main sewer, and often serve more than one property Beverley Wilkinson, who is running the project on behalf of UU, said: “It’s incredible how many of us have unexplained objects around our homes and gardens.”

She said a survey by the company had uncovered 32 private pumping stations.

She added: “Hopefully, we can help people to get to the bottom of some of Bury’s household mysteries.

“Contact us if you think you have a private pumping station on your property.”

Residents who think they may know about a nearby private pumping station should call 0845 0265151 or email privatepumpingstations@uuplc.co.uk