YOUNGSTERS are being warned about the hidden dangers of jumping into rivers, canals and reservoirs in hot weather.

People have been leaping off bridges and cliffs into Jumbles Reservoir in Turton as a way to cool off.

Warnings have been issued about what may lie beneath the water’s surface as well as the temperature of the water itself.

Cllr David Acton, chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority said: “Although canals, rivers and reservoirs look enticing in this warm weather, they are filled with hidden dangers.

“Sadly we’ve seen the tragic consequences of too many people who have got into difficulty because they weren’t aware of objects hidden beneath the water or because of how their bodies reacted to sudden changes of temperature.

“Please don’t ruin your summer the same way. Enjoy water where it’s safe to do so — in swimming pools or where a lifeguard is on duty.

“The water is often a lot colder than you expect and just because you can swim well in a warm watered pool, it doesn't mean you'll be able to do the same in cold water.”

Jumbles reservoir is used by United Utilities to provide homes across north Manchester with non-drinking water.

A spokesman for the water firm said: “Every year, particularly during summer, young people are tempted to take a dip in what appear to be safe places to swim.

“But reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other bodies of open water are anything but safe. Cold water, hidden debris, and underwater currents from pipework, mean that they are extremely dangerous.

"We would urge all parents to talk to their teenage children about the dangers of swimming in open water.”

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