FORMER Bolton Wanderers star Colin Hendry has blasted a 'vile' Twitter user who joked about his wife's death.

The former central defender was sent the message by a Celtic fan.

This Is Lancashire:

The message, from a Twitter account in the name of Liam McDonald, said: “Remember when Colin Hendry’s wife snuffed it? Great times.”

The former Rangers star responded on his own Twitter account and posting a picture of the tweet with the message: “This is the vile world we live in.”

Yesterday the tweet, which was sent at 11.33pm on Tuesday, was deleted, and later the account itself also appeared to have been removed.

The Hendry family say they have reported the incident to Scottish police.

Mr Hendry’s wife, Denise, died in 2009, seven years after undergoing a botched liposuction operation.

The 43-year-old underwent 20 operations after the routine treatment.

She died after picking up an infection following a corrective operation after being on life support for weeks.

Mr Hendry’s daughter Rheagan launched the charity The Denise Hendry Foundation to help people suffering from clinical negligence in her mum’s memory.

Speaking on behalf of her dad, she said: “This is what we deal with all the time and it is disgusting.

“This is not just Colin Hendry, it is a mum and a daughter.


“I am sure he would not feel comfortable if someone said that about his parents.

“Dad has been in the football world and up at Rangers and he can deal with this sort of thing but when you start bringing in people’s relatives it is just not on.

“It is just not nice. We just want to move on with our lives and we are always reminded about how insensitive people can be.

“This is a totally random act of stupidity, but it is not the first time something like this has happened.

“People should not take social media lightly.

“He thinks he can write what he wants and Colin Hendry and his daughter and grandchildren won‘t see it but he is wrong.”

He was sold to Scottish giants Rangers, who have a legendary rivalry with Celtic.

Professional Footballers Association chairman Gordon Taylor said: “I think it is a sad world.

“There seems to be a vindictive side to society where people hide behind these sites and think they can say what they want to people.

“We have advised our younger players to be careful with what they are posting.”