A LETTER from the Prime Minister isn’t something you expect to receive at school, but that’s exactly what’s happened to pupils in Clitheroe.

Members of St James’ CE Primary School’s Eco Council penned a letter to David Cameron encouraging him to continue to strive for every child across the world to be in education.

World leaders promised that by 2015 every child in the world would be in education.

According to the Send All My Friends To School campaign, at the current rate, 48 million will still be without education by next year.

The Eco Council, made up of 10 pupils from seven to 11-years-old, sent the letter to the PM, ‘never expecting to receive a reply’.

His letter was read out in a special assembly and is to go on display at the Greenacre Street school.

Pupil Khandro Murry, 11, said: “It’s good for the campaign as well because it shows that Mr Cameron is taking it seriously. The letter was really special.”

Tabitha Garley, eight, said: “I’m really pleased we received the letter and I hope our letter will make a difference.”

Year three and four teacher, Lisa Barnes, who helped to set up the council, said: “It’s amazing that we received a reply. It’s just not something we were expecting.

“It’s great for the children because it shows their voices have been heard at the highest level of government.”

In his letter, Mr Cameron said: “I am very impressed by the concern you have shown for the education of children in poor countries. Your drawings demonstrate this as well as your enthusiasm for the campaign. I agree with you that no child should miss out on an education, including children with disabilities.

“I believe that investing in education is vital, as education provides children with the best route out of poverty.”