A CYCLIST was hurled into the air after he was hit by a driver having a ‘momentary lapse of concentration’, Burnley magistrates heard.

Driver Gillian Hollows, 56, had been on her way to visit her sick husband in hospital when she hit Christopher Bracewell on Colne Road, Burnley, on January 28.

She told police she had not seen Mr Bracewell and the accident may have been due to her state of mind as she was worried about her husband.

Part-time worker Hollows, of Smith Street, Nelson, admitted driving without due care and attention. She was fined £35, with a £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

She was given three points on her licence by the bench, who said she had been reckless.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said a witness saw the cyclist stationary at the side of the road and a vehicle traveling quite close to the pavement. It then hit Mr Bracewell who complained of pain to his foot, calf and shoulder.

John Rusius, for Hollows, said she had been driving since 1976, had never been involved in an accident and had never had any points on her licence.

He added: “It was, it seems, a momentary lapse of concentration or misjudgment. She is quite traumatised. This is the first time she's ever been in court.

“She has been so concerned, she has not driven since the incident, which goes back to January.”