A DRUNKEN yob intimidated a teenage Pizza Hut waitress so much, she had a panic attack and collapsed.

Kevin Duxbury went into the restaurant to use the toilet, but was told it was reserved for customers only, Blackburn magistrates heard.

His reaction was to shout and swear at the waitress, saying that if she wanted trouble he would give her trouble. He backed her into a rear area of the restaurant and then pushed her into a corner.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said: “She was crying hysterically. She couldn’t breathe and had a panic attack, collapsing to the floor.”

Miss Allan said the incident ended when a second man, Karl Sharples, who had come into the restaurant with Duxbury, grabbed hold of him, pinned him up by the throat and said: “You don’t do that to women.”

When police arrived to arrest Duxbury, Sharples intervened on behalf of his friend and started swinging punches at the officers.

Duxbury, 29, of the Islington Motel, Great Bolton Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Jodie Quail and using threatening behaviour and, on a later occasion, stealing a sandwich. He was sentenced to a total of 20 weeks in prison.

Sharples, 26, of Sudell Road, Darwen, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer. He was remanded in custody for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Ian Huggan, defending Duxbury, said his client accepted what had been said, even though he had little recollection because he had been in drunk.

He said: “If he had been allowed to use the toilet nothing would have happened, but that does not excuse the way he behaved.

“The aggrieved had been given her instructions and was only carrying out her duty.”

Jonathan Taylor, defending Sharples, said his behaviour in Pizza Hut had been commendable, physically stopping his friend from terrorising the young waitress.

But he added: “It is a pity he didn’t show as much restraint when the police were trying to arrest his friend.”