ENGINEERS will try to resolve a long standing “technical problem" at Halliwell Post Office which has forced the closure of the shop for three weeks.

The post office, which has shut intermittently for the last 10 weeks , has apologised to customers and said it hopes to solve the issue next week.

A sign displayed on the closed shutters explains that the Post Office is temporarily closed until further notice with the explanation of “unforeseen circumstances” crossed out and replaced with “technical problems”.

The notice also suggests alternative branches in Chorley Old Road, Church Road and Blackburn Road, all of which are more than half a mile away.

The Post Office said it was not clear exactly what the problem was and why it keeps recurring.

A spokesman said: "We apologise to customers for the length of time it has taken to resolve the technical issues at Halliwell Road Post Office.

“Engineers have visited the branch on several occasions and are going back next week in an attempt to resolve this recurring problem."

Derek Shepherd, aged 83, of Grove Street, who normally uses the Post Office once a week, has been taking a bus into the town centre to use the central Deansgate Post Office.

He said: “It is very inconvenient indeed and has caused me a major problem for some time now.

“What has not helped is the lack of information we have been given. The explanation of technical problems is not good enough.

“They provided a helpline number for us to call but they couldn’t tell me why it has closed or when it will reopen.

“What technical difficulty can they not solve in 10 weeks?

“Surely they could replace their whole system in that length of time.”