THE future King – bonnie Prince George – is not the only tot celebrating his first birthday today.

Princes and princesses across Bolton share their big day with the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, who was born a year ago today.

And gorgeous little Katelyn Cooper is one such girl – although her mum, Teresa Cooper, of Eskdale Grove, Farnworth, although she is concerned that all the other youngsters sharing George’s birthday may feel somewhat overshadowed by the royal occasion.

Born at 11.15am on July 23, 2013, at Royal Bolton Hospital weighing in at a healthy nine pounds four ounces, Katelyn is a few hours older than the prince, who was born at 4.24pm.

Miss Cooper, aged 29, said: “I feel sorry for Katelyn – and all the others born on the same day – because every year George will overshadow their birthdays.

“But I do feel sorry for Kate and William too because George will be scrutinised his whole life – whereas at least we can enjoy Katelyn’s birthdays privately.”

While some tots share a birthday with the prince, one hair salon in Bolton was surprised when the royal couple gave him the same name as their shop – George Alexander.

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