THESE dramatic pictures show the moment firefighters “rescued” people trapped in a horror crash.

But thankfully — for those involved — it was a training exercise for 40 firefighters from Bolton Central, Farnworth and Horwich fire stations.

Crews, the aerial appliance from Bolton Central station and a Technical Response Unit from Leigh fire station carried out the exercise at the First Bus depot in Weston Street, Bolton.

The scenario was a crash involving a double-decker bus, two cars and multiple casualties.

Farnworth crew manager Martin Finch, who organised the training, said: “Three volunteers and a firefighter played the casualties — the driver on the bus and a passenger on the top plus two in the cars, one of who was a fatality.The casualties had neck and spine injuries so we had to put them in neck braces and on to boards and cut the car to make enough space to get them out.”

The training coincided with First’s open day, which allowed crews to engage with members of the public and transport staff while giving out safety advice.

Visitors to the open day were able to watch the training exercise thanks to First providing a bus free of charge.