THE worried girlfriend of a man who has been missing for more than five days has pleaded with him to come home.

Ben Wiltshire, from Breightmet, was last seen at the Pure nightclub in Wigan on Saturday at about 10.30pm.

His girlfriend Lisa Waugh, who lives with him in Goldrill Avenue, has had no communication with him since Saturday afternoon.

Police have had reports the 25-year-old has been seen on the North West rail network between Manchester, Westhoughton and Wigan since Saturday.

Ms Waugh said her boyfriend, who she has lived with for the past five months, was working at a call centre.

She has spoken to people at the firm who say he has not been to work since he went missing.

Ms Waugh added: “His phone has been switched off since Saturday and now it has been cut off by the network.

“He has actually been online on Facebook a couple of times because his online icon has been on, but he has not been in touch.

“I was working on Saturday until 11pm and Ben was supposed to be meeting me, I didn’t know he was going on a night out in Wigan. His friends who were with him have said they don’t know where he is and that they lost him on the night.”

Mr Wiltshire is thought to originally be from Salford and has family in Westhoughton and Manchester.

Ms Waugh said that before his disappearance he was in good spirits and was the same “happy, smiley Ben” that he always was.

She added: “He is a happy, active, outgoing person and this is really out of character for him.

“In the past if his phone has died he has always found a way to get in touch with us.

“If he reads this, I just want to say please come home.

We are all really worried about you.”

A police spokesman said: “We can confirm Ben Wiltshire has been reported missing and was last seen outside the Pure nightclub in Wigan on Saturday night.

“Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to contact the police on 101.”