THE tragic consequences of breaking the rules of the road were highlighted to shoppers in the town centre on Saturday.

As part of a road safety day in Victoria Square, Bolton Police joined paramedics to showcase a mangled car wrecked in a real-life crash.

The aim was to get across the impact of rogue driving — and the message certainly got through.

Elaine Powsney, aged 46, of Bury Road, Ainsworth, said: “As soon as I saw the car, my heart dropped and it got me wondering how the car got in that state.

“It’s a great idea to bring out the car. It gets people talking.

“A lot of people feel invincible in their cars. This shows that they are not.”

PC Rick Charlesworth, of Bolton Police, said: “There are mixed reactions to the car.

“For some people it’s shock, for others it’s disgust, and for some it’s an eye opener.

“We don’t mean to cause anybody concern. It’s just to raise awareness of how dangerous the roads can be.”

During the event, police also gave people advice about keeping vehicles in good working order and how to use the road safely.

Using a parked lorry and bus, they illustrated how a driver would be unable to see cyclists riding at the side of the vehicle.

PC Charlesworth added: “The weather has been good and has drawn people in to our display.

“Even if one person avoids injury as a result of this event, it will have been worthwhile.”