VANDALS who daubed graffiti across walls in a residential area will be caught, named and shamed, said a furious local leader.

Walls in Inkerman Street and Blackburn Street in the Shear Brow area of Blackburn were spray-painted with slogans, names and drawings.

It was the second time it had happened in six months, said Shear Brow councillor Hussain Akhtar, who was recently re-elected after standing down four years ago.

He said: “The last time we caught the people who did it. The people in this area are doing their best and I am working very closely with them. We do not want any more of this and we are going to catch these vandals.

“They will also be named and shamed to show people what is wrong and what is right.”

The police have been informed about the vandalism, which happened on Thursday night, and an investigation is under way.

Coun Akhtar said it was a blow to the community which worked hard to improve the area.

He said: “I went to see one lady in Blackburn Road and she said they had spent three and a half hours cleaning the back alley, only for this to happen.

“We have to teach the children and speak to the parents. The council is doing its best despite the cuts and we have to work with the communities.

“We have to keep the area clean but we need people’s help.

“We need to show these people that we want to make Blackburn a nice clean town and it we do not do that then we are going to lose.”

Zuleikha Makkan, of Inkerman Street, had graffiti painted on her back yard wall.

She said: “It does not look good. People walking through will see that. This is the first I have seen it in this particular alley but we get a lot of this in other parts of the area.

“It does not give a good impression and makes our streets look dirty.”