A DAD-of-one had a glass bottle smashed over his head when he found three burglars in his home.

Mark Hesmondhalgh, 39, was woken by his partner, Suzanne, after she heard somebody inside his house in Spring Street, Accrington.

The pair were sleeping in their ground-floor bedroom when the three intruders entered their home, which had accidentally been left unlocked.

Having been disturbed by Mr Hesmondhalgh, who had picked up a baseball bat which he keeps in the house, two of the burglars ran out of the front door with a pair of air rifles found on the wall.


However, a third intruder, who Mr Hesmondhalgh had not at first seen, smashed the glass bottle over his head and ran away.

Mr Hesmondhalgh, who lives with his 11-year-old son Daniel, said: “Sue woke up and said she could hear someone in the house.

“I grabbed my baseball bat and went to the door. I saw movement, so I swung the bat and hit one of them on the shoulder.

“Then someone from behind hit me with a bottle, and there was blood shooting out of my head.

“I thought they had shot me, as they had my rifles.

“They ran out on to the front street and they were shouting at me to go out and fight, but they were pointing my guns at me and I was bleeding.”

The burglars got away with the rifles, worth a about £200 each, and a £10 note.

Mr Hesmondhalgh was taken to hospital where he spent six hours and received three stitches.

He said: “It was really frightening, especially for Suzanne.

“When you wake up to that it is not nice.

“I still have a sore head now – I think it is going to be sore for a few weeks.”

Mr Hesmondhalgh said he thought the burglars had been trying doors in the street to gain entry to homes.

He said: “I don’t usually leave the door unlocked, it was just a silly mistake.

“I think they had been trying doors because my neighbour said she heard someone try the door of her house a few nights ago.”

Det Constable Tony Roberts, from Blackburn Police, said: “This was a frightening attack and there was a big ruckus in the street afterwards.

“I would urge anyone with information on this incident to contact me immediately.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to DC Roberts on 01254 353561 or to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.