PUPILS at a Blackburn school are celebrating after scoring higher in an IQ test than Albert Einstein.

The St Bede’s RC High School students took part in the MENSA test which measures intelligence by looking for competence in a range of areas.

Eight students became members of the society after proving their IQ was among the top two per cent in the country. They were the first St Bede’s students to take part in the test.

Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Einstein are believed to have an IQ of 160. Four pupils beat that score.

The school’s head girl, Jessica Henderson, 15, scored 162, alongside 14-year-old Michael Jacques.

Ellie Lee, 13 and Laura Nickson, 14, also both scored more than 160 while Ellie Pearce, 15, Saul Kennedy, 15, Sophie Fallon, 15, and Daisy Kennedy, 13, scored highly enough to become members of the society.

MENSA aims to provide a ‘stimulating intellectual and social environment’ for its members and to ‘identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity’. It’s a non-profit organisation that’s open to anyone who gets a high score on their test.

The St Bede’s group were presented with certificates for joining MENSA at an awards ceremony.

Chris Atkinson, head of computing at the school, said: “We are all very proud of the students and they have enormous potential.

“Now they can use this as a way into some of the country’s top universities.

“For eight students to perform so well in the test is a great achievement and fantastic for them. I think they students are very proud of what they have achieved and I know the parents are as well.”

Year nine student Ellie Lee said: “I’m extremely happy and honoured to be part of MENSA.

“I’m glad that my school give me the opportunity and it will help me with my future aspirations.”