AMIR Khan opened up about fatherhood, fasting and fighting during a Twitter question and answer session on Sunday.

The former WBA champion told his followers if they asked him a question with the hashtag #AskAmir, and he would reply straight away.

During the hour-long session, Amir, aged 27, answered about 50 questions including who does the night feeds for his baby daughter Lamaisah (Faryal), who inspired him to become a boxer (Muhammad Ali), is and what mobile phone he has (iPhone 5s).



He started off the round by tweeting: “I will let you all ask me questions. Don't forget to #askamir with your question.”

A number of questions were on the subject of his boxing career, such as what he will do when he retires (TV work and commentary). When asked he would get in the ring with mike Tyson, he said simply: “I don't want to die.”

When asked about how he was finding the fasting, he admitted that it was a long and difficult time period, but added: “Very hard. Good detox.” When asked what his favourite music was he revealed that he cannot listen to it during Ramadan.



Opening up about fatherhood, he said: “Good. Baby stops me from being bored. She is great. Little cutie.”


The couple have changed the spelling of their daughter's name twice since she was born - first announcing her on Twitter as Lamysa, then Lamysah and eventually Lamaisah.

He also said that he realised he was made to box at aged 16, the highlight of his life is winning the world title fight and he plans to retire “in a few years maybe.”

He ended the session with, “Thanks everyone. Sorry for filling up your timeline.”