AN EAST Lancashire charity has launched a global relief campaign to help the poorest in need around the world during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
With a global network working in more than 65 countries, teams from Al-Imdaad Foundation UK are on the ground ready to deliver donations within 30 days.
Countries where the charity is working include Somalia, Malawi, Indonesia, Africa, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Chile, Cambodia, Niger, Madagascar, Kosovo, Albania, Congo, Tanzania and many more.
This year, Al-Imdaad Foundation aims to feed nearly 1.2 million people globally in the month of Ramadhan, following on from last year’s effort of providing food to over 850,000 people in 41 countries.
In Somalia where famine and drought has worsened existing poverty levels, the Al-Imdaad Foundation team provided food packages to over 33,000 people facing hardship on many levels.
Also where intermittent conflict continues to affect Palestinians and Syrians, the team has delivered food parcels to nearly 65,000 refugees.
International Projects co-ordinator Zubair Valimulla said: “The campaign which has taken over four months of planning will include distribution of Ramadhan ration for a month supporting a typical family of 5-7, hot food meals for the fasting and allocating gifts for distribution as Eid gifts at end of Ramadhan.
“We have already arranged delivery of food for over £366,000 and by end of July, we aim to deliver around half a million pounds worth of aid globally.”
While continuing relief efforts around the world, the Al-Imdaad Foundation team has not neglected crisis closer to home.
The charity is regularly carrying out a ‘Feeding the Homeless’ scheme every Sunday in different parts of the UK including Sheffield, Birmingham, Bolton, Walsall, Leicester and Coventry, feeding more than 900 homeless people.