THE Friends of Darwen Cemetery have launched an appeal for more people to adopt war graves in the town.
The appeal comes as the friends gear up for commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War in August.
Chairman John East said: “We are making an appeal for people who would like to adopt a war grave.
“We have a few Commonwealth War Graves which need adopting.
“People need to contact us and we will show them where the graves are.
“They will be given some instructions on what to do and how to look after it.
“We will make sure they know what to do and then they just need to maintain it throughout the year.
“There are nearly 100 Commonwealth War Graves in Darwen Cemetery and the majority of them are adopted.
“This is just one other way people can commemorate the war dead of Darwen.”
Once a war grave has been adopted, people are asked to visit the grave regularaly and tend the bed, possibly placing flowers or other floral tributes.
The headstones are the responsibility of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who will repair and clean them.
Individuals can adopt war graves as well as schools or community groups.
Anyone wishing to adopt a war grave can email