Police were last night preparing to remove four travellers’ caravans from Pleasington Playing Fields.
The families moved on to the cricket pitch on Thursday night angering local residents.
They claim they were given permission and have no plans to move till Monday.
Blackburn with Darwen environment director Sayyed Osman denied they were allowed there and promised to remove them by this morning to allow cricket matches go ahead.
Originally six caravans located near the visitors car park but four then moved to the cricket pitch.
The other two will be leaving this morning.
Mr Osman said: “We understand four traveller families with caravans and trailers moved onto Pleasington recreation fields on Thursday night.
“Council officers found the lock to the gateway had been forced and caravans with trailers had been driven across cricket pitches.
“This sort of behaviour shows blatant disregard for public and private property.
“The council works really hard to try and offer the best quality facilities.
“Pleasington is well used, there is a full schedule of activities including cricket fixtures and a horse show this weekend.
“We are working with the police to try and move the travellers on.”
One of the travellers on the cricket pitch, who did not wish to be named, said: “We were asked to move here by a council officer who left the gate open.
“We did not break any locks or drive across the cricket pitch.
“We travel all over England and have just come from London. We will move on Monday or Tuesday.
“We are not going tomorrow. They should provide more transit sites for travellers so we have somewhere to go.”
Pleasington councillor Derek Hardman said: “I do not believe a council officer gave permission. Local residents are angry.
“I hope they are moved before the cricket pitch is needed for a match.”