MILITARY bosses are hoping they will be able to fly the flag on an extra-special weekend.

On August 3, a civic parade will take place through Bury town centre to mark the anniversary of the start of World War One.

On the same day, there will be a service in The Gallipoli Garden at the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers headquarters in Moss Street, to commemorate the Battle of Minden in 1759.

Plans are in place for an action-packed day, but there is one aspect missing — flags.

Since the Fusiliers moved into their new home in 2009, they have been short of flagpoles to fly four important emblems — the Union flag, the Regiment’s flag, the Lancashire Fusiliers flag and the flag of HMS Euryalus, with which the regiment is affiliated.

The regiment has now collected £4,000 from members and supporters to pay for four 22ft-high flagpoles that will proudly display the flags in The Gallipoli Garden.

Regiment bosses have now asked Bury Council for permission to put up the flagpoles as, technically, all of the flags except the Union flag are classed as advertisements.

A consultation period is now under way and councillors are expected to reach a decision by August 8.

But regiment leaders are hoping a judgement will be made sooner.

“It will look good and be the missing piece in the puzzle at the new headquarters,” said Colonel Mike Glover, regimental secretary for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

He added: “The flags will exemplify the relationship between the regiment and Bury and will serve a as a symbol of pride.

“Our main aim is to have the flags in place for next April’s Gallipoli anniversary events, but it would be extra special if we got the permission in time for the first weekend in August.”