THIEVES have struck twice at cabins on the Cathedral Quarter construction site.

On Monday night they raided the temporary accommodation being used by main contractors Eric Wright Civil Engineering.

A company spokeswoman said: “They forced entry, made a bit of a mess and took surveying equipment and some tools.”

She revealed that two weeks earlier, a cabin belonging to a sub-contractor had been hit with a small quantity of tools being taken.

The total value of the stolen property amounts to a few hundred pounds.

The Eric Wright spokeswoman said: “We have informed the police. Security on site has now been upgraded.”

The break-ins follow two raids on the newsagents and coffee bar at Blackburn Railway Station, two doors from the town centre police station, in three weeks.

This led Shear Brow councillor Hussain Akhtar to call for the station which faces the Cathedral Quarter site to be staffed 24 hours a day.

The owners of the newsagents have warned they are struggling to stay in business because of the two raids.