EVERY resident in Bury will receive a letter to highlight the biggest change to the electoral registration system in nearly 100 years.

The letters, which will be sent out borough-wide during the summer, will explain the alterations to the system and what the implications are.

Householders will be told that a new, more secure, system of individual electoral registration is being introduced to replace the old Victorian system where the “head of household” registered everyone living in a property.

Now, each individual will be responsible for registering themselves. Many residents will automatically move on to the new electoral register. But some will need to take action to join or remain on it, which they will now also be able to do for the first time by registering online.

Mike Kelly, Bury’s electoral registration officer, said: “Bury residents will receive a letter by the end of July that will explain the change to the electoral registration system. Look out for the letter, as it will tell you if you have been automatically transferred to the new register or not.

“If you have not been transferred, you will need to provide some more information and the letter will tell you exactly what you need to do.”

Samantha Mills, head of campaigns at the Electoral Commission, said: “This summer the Electoral Commission will launch a major advertising campaign that will raise awareness of the change to individual electoral registration.

“We welcome this change, which will lead to a more secure register and replace the outdated Victorian concept that a single ‘head of household’ is responsible for registering everyone.”