A QUICK-thinking teenager has been hailed a hero after rescuing a man from a house fire.

As smoke poured out of the bungalow in Eastham Way, Little Hulton, and concerned neighbours looked on, the youngster, who was aged about 16, went into the home “without hesitation” after asking if there was someone inside.

Inside the smoke-filled home, he found a 52-year-old man asleep on the sofa and carried him out of the house to safety.

Neighbours said they do not know the identity of the young rescuer.

Ann Hensley, aged 63, said: “I heard his smoke alarm go off and I went outside to have a look through his front window, but I couldn’t see anything.

“My next door neighbour tried to get in his house through the front door and loads of smoke just came out.

“Just as I was ringing the fire brigade, a young lad passing by said ‘is there someone in there?’ and before I knew it he was straight in there getting him out.

“I’m very thankful it wasn’t worse.”

Ricky Jenkinson, aged 59, said: “I heard the alarm and saw the smoke pouring out. I tried to get in but I couldn’t.

“This young lad walking past just went in, no hesitation, and rescued the man from his house.

“Things like this make you realise that there is some good in these young people. He was a fantastic lad and if it hadn’t been for him, this man could have died. He’s a hero.”

The fire started after food was left under a grill at the bungalow at about 10.40pm on Sunday.

The man was taken to hospital following the incident.

Watch manager Simon Wood, from Farnworth fire station, said: “When we got to the bungalow a 52-year-old man was outside and it soon became apparent that this was thanks to a 16-year-old lad who had spotted the smoke when walking home.

“We can’t thank him enough for his quick and brave actions.”

Cllr David Acton, chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, said: “The young man who saved the occupant from the fire should be very proud of what he has done.

"Although we don’t advise that people should go into burning buildings, it could be that if the teenager didn’t go to help then things could have been much worse.

“This is just one of many cooking related fires that we have each week and shows just how easy they can start.

“Also, working smoke alarms can buy you valuable time if you have a fire at home.”