CAT lovers are being urged not to put age before beauty when choosing a pet and instead to consider adopting a “golden oldie”.

Volunteers at the RSPCA Bury and Oldham branch are desperate to rehome their older cats, which often get overlooked by the public in favour of cuddly kittens.

More senior moggies have lots of love and attention to give and can find it particularly difficult and stressful to adapt to the cattery environment, staff say.

These cats make perfect pets because their personality is already known and they need less supervision.

Lisa Walsh, deputy animal centre manager, said: “Most of our cats haven’t had the best start in life and are looking for a second chance of a loving home.

“For an older cat to find itself in a cattery environment can be very stressful and upsetting. Often they have spent many happy years with their owners and they find themselves suddenly out of their loving homes and with many other cats.

“Our older cats are harder to rehome because they don’t have the same cute appeal as kittens. Mature cats are always grateful to have found a loving home again and they will repay you with lots of love and attention.”

While a cat’s average life span is 10 to 15 years, Lisa said living to 20 years or older is not uncommon.

As well as the three pictured, the centre has four other pure breed golden oldies available for adoption.

For more information about adopting a golden oldie, call 0161 624 4725 or visit the animal centre in Rhodes Bank, Oldham, between 11.30am and 3.30pm any day except Wednesdays.

Alternatively, go to or search RSPCAbury-oldham on Facebook.


Tom and Polly

Tom and Polly are nine-year-old black and white domestic shorthaired cats and are brother and sister.

They originally came to the RSPCA as kittens and have been returned by their owner after she had a change in circumstances.

Tom is a vocal chap and can be bossy with Polly, who is definitely the quieter one of the two. He was knocked over by a car seven years ago but after undergoing an operation has no lasting side effects or mobility problems.

Polly is a quiet little lady who likes nothing more than to curl up and relax. She loves people but can come across as shy until she gets to know you.

Polly and Tom have lived in a household with lots of cats but have never lived with dogs.



Fudge is an eight-year-old tabby and white domestic shorthaired cat and was brought to the RSPCA after his owners were unable to look after him anymore.

Fudge is a very independent cat who loves to explore the outside world. He does like having attention, but this has to be on his terms.