SUPPORT for England shows no sign of “flagging” in one Bury home – with a proud football fan backing his team for all to see.

Postman Steve Headley, who lives in Haig Road, Bury, has decorated his home with a large St George’s flag for the World Cup.

His children Luke, aged 11, and six-year-old Gabrielle, may not be interested in football, but partner Kim Murphy, a Liverpool fan, more than made up for that when she bought the flag.

Steve said: “Nowadays you don’t see any patriotism at all, so it is nice to show our support and display the flag with pride.

“Where Kim and I watch the football will depend on the children but we will try and take in a few different places in Bury to experience the atmosphere.

“I would like to see more flags in the town.

“Ours is the only one on Haig Road at the moment which is a shame.”