TWO elderly women escaped with only minor injuries after a car crash that left one vehicle on its roof in Crompton Way.

The accident happened at about 2.15pm today and involved two Ford Focus cars and a Mercedes.

The incident happened in Crompton Way, near Asda, at the junction with Moss Bank Way.

The road was closed while the scene was cleared and the North West Air Ambulance landed nearby.

A spokesman said the people involved were already out of the car when police arrived.

Firefighters from Bolton North fire station attended and made the scene safe.

Chris Wilbraham, aged 36, from Astley Bridge, was walking near the scene when he saw a police van driving past at high speed.

Mr Wilbraham said: “All I could see was a dark grey Ford Focus overturned. I think it was being driven by an old lady.

"The old lady was being attended to by paramedics and she appeared to have bandages on.

"The injuries looked more superficial than serious, and another elderly lady seemed to be more in shock than anything serious.

“There were three or four police cars and an ambulance at the scene.”

He said it was not clear what had happened but he thought one of the drivers had hit a parked car.