A CONSERVATIVE club told to “keep the noise down” by council officials has left several neighbouring residents baffled.

Little Lever Conservative Club, in Fletcher Street, was served a noise abatement notice after the council received complaints of it being too loud.

The club, which is used as a venue for parties, as well as a place to play bowls, bingo and snooker, has refused to comment. But many of the residents who live near the club say they are surprised it had been issued with a noise order.

Debbie Taylor, aged 38, of Aintree Road, said: “I never hear anything. I sleep with the windows open and my back garden faces the club and I’ve never had a problem.

“There are concerts and parties there, but I wouldn’t say it’s excessive.

“If anything, the cars and scooters that whizz up and down this road at night probably make more noise.”

Anne-Marie Dicker, aged 41, of Fletcher Street, said: “I live just down the road from the club and it’s never been an issue for me. I hear kids playing outside from time to time, but that’s it.”

Alan Cosgrove, aged 67, of Mytham Road, said: “I’m quite surprised that the club’s been given a noise order, because it’s never kept me awake.”

However, one resident of Aintree Road, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I’ve been disturbed by the noise coming from the club at half 11, 12 at night.

“I’ve rung them up to complain and they’ve just put the phone down on me.

“When it’s the summer and you have your windows open at night, all you can hear is music.

“I think a noise order is the right decision. It means I can get a good night’s sleep.”

Bolton Council confirmed that a Noise Abatement Notice was issued to Little Lever Conservative Club in 2013.