A SUSPECTED drink-driver sped round a corner and smashed into an oncoming vehicle before attempting to flee the scene.

Witnesses described seeing a black Vauxhall speeding from Crompton Way into Thicketford Road and driving head on into a grey Mercedes in the oncoming lane just before 5pm.

The driver then tried to reverse away before getting out of his car and trying to flee in what witnesses said was “a staggering” manner.

The Mercedes was thrown back about three metres during the smash, the man and woman inside were shaken but not badly injured.

Witness Rebecca Sharrock, aged 23, said: “He flew out in front of us and I knew he was about to have a crash.

“After the crash he tried to reverse his car away, then he tried to get out but he could barely stand up, he was clearly drunk.”

"The man from the Mercedes actually grabbed him to stop him running away."

Fellow witness, Michael Corston, aged 24, said: "He flew round so fast and came so far into the opposite lane, it serves him right that the police have taken him."

The driver was driven away in the back of a police car.