A MOTHER has said she was ‘devastated’ when she saw the council had not cut swathes of long grass around her daughter’s grave in Pleasington cemetery.

Kaley Wilkinson’s three-month-old was daughter, Jade, died suddenly 13-years-ago and since then, Kaley has endeavored to visit Jade’s burial site at least once a week.

The mother-of-two said: “I have never seen it like this in thirteen years. I was just devastated when I saw it.

“It’s not a pleasant experience coming up to the cemetery as it is and all you want is for it to be looked after.”

Kaley and her sister, Samantha visited Jade’s grave together two weeks ago and noticing that the grass was overgrown, drove around to find someone to tell.

Finding no-one, Samantha consoled her sister and contacted both the council and the cemetery.

Samantha said: “I couldn’t get through to anyone at the cemetery and the council said that it wasn’t there responsibilty to cut the grass.

“It was horrible seeing my sister so upset and we just didn’t know what to do. I told Kayley not to worry and that they would probably get round to it in the next few days.”

Kayley returned on Thursday and said that the grass had grown so long that she could ‘hardly make out the graves’.

She added: “I don’t want to blame anyone, I just want it to be right.

“They’re only babies there, just babies and people will be so upset to see it like this.

“I cut the grass around with some scissors as best I could but there wasn’t much I could do.”

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted the council about the matter on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon, they had been out to cut the grass.

Councillor Jim Smith, executive member for environment, said: "At present, we cut the grass in Pleasington Cemetery about six times a year and the grass in this section was cut on Friday, June 13.

“This is the peak rapid growing season for grass and the weather conditions at the moment have encouraged the growth."