A RETIRED science teacher will see her painting featured in a famous exhibition.

The work of Janette Byrne, who graduated from art school just two years ago, will feature in this year Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

Her painting — Picasso and Friends — was picked by judges to be displayed in what is the world’s largest open entry exhibition, where the works of new and established artists are shown together.

Mrs Byrne, who studied art at the University of Bolton after retiring as a teacher, said: “I thought if I don’t apply, then I can’t say I did not get in.

“I was gobsmacked when it was chosen. It is hanging alongside the works of artists you recognise and pieces which can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“I did think I was being a little cheeky applying because I had only graduated two years ago.”

Mrs Byrne, from Horwich, is also part of the Bolton art collective neo:artists.

The 67-year-old decided to go back to school after her “convent education” led her to abandon any hope of studying art at school.

She graduated with a First Class Degree and now her piece is featured alongside those of famed artists.

She said: “The piece has been reworked over the years. I submitted the etching as my submission and I sent the painting it to explain it. The judges chose the painting to be hung.”

Mrs Byrne attended the preview of the exhibition over the weekend with her daughters enjoying a Champagne lunch.

Her work is featured alongside those of painters such as Wolfgang Tillmans.

Mrs Byrne said she would love to get sponsorship to enable her to study for an MA in Fine Art at the University of Bolton.

The exhibition runs until August 17 at Burlington House in London.