A TEENAGER and a woman he didn't know launched a 'pack attack' on an innocent wedding guest.

Burnley Crown Court was told how victim Liam Clements was walking through the town with his girlfriend after the celebration when he was set upon.

The early hours assault was started by someone else and he was on the ground when Kyle Killian appeared. Killian threw two punches, the victim fled and the defendant chased him and continued to attack.

Single mum-of-one Andrea Carter, 24, who doesn't even know Killian, got swept up in the melee. She also pursued the victim, then kicked him – prompting a judge, who slammed the assailants' behaviour as 'like a pack of animals', to say she didn't understand why she had done it.

Mr Clements needed stitches to his eye, one tooth was knocked out and another chipped. He was also left bruised after the unprovoked violence last July 27, but it wasn't possible to say which attacker inflicted which injury.

Killian, of Arran Street, Burnley, who has 18 offences on his record, and his co-defendant, who was of previous good character, both admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

Killian, who has had a drink problem, was sent to detention for eight months. Carter, of Darwen Street, also Burnley, received six months in prison, suspended for a year.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said Mr Clements had been approached and asked for a light before the beating began. Another person was also arrested after the incident, but didn't admit he was on the CCTV footage.

Kristian Cavanagh, for Carter, said she couldn't explain why she acted like she did, adding: “She is petrified about the prospect of a custodial sentence."

Defending Killian, Philip Holden said he was remorseful.