CROWDS flocked into Bolton to welcome the town’s new Mayor into office.

Cllr Martin Donaghy joined hundreds of people in a ceremonial walk from the Town Hall to Bolton Parish Church, where a special service was held as part of the annual parade.

The parade was led by Bolton Hoover Band and was attended by the police, members of the armed forces and Cllr Donaghy’s two mayoresses, Gay Wharton and Jacqueline Tracy.

Also in the parade were councillors, church representatives and community groups, such as the 14th Bolton Boys’ Brigade and Bolton Sea Cadets.

Catherine Jones, captain of The Boys’ Brigade, said: “It’s fantastic to be here. We come to this event every year and we take great pride out of it.

“I’m hopeful that the Mayor does a good job for Bolton and I’m sure he will.”

Steven Rushton, of the Bolton Sea Cadets, said: “I’m very honoured to have attended the Mayor’s procession. The Mayors do a lot for Bolton and they have a very important job.”