PREGNANT Jenny Dakin thought she had timed her taxi journey to the maternity unit to give birth to perfection — but bundle of joy Natasha Ann had other ideas.

The little girl came into the world near the Burnden retail park in Manchester Road in the back of a Metro taxi, weighing 6lb 2oz.

Miss Dakin’s mother, Sharon, who had already been present at the birth of four of her grandchildren and partner Tyrone Allonby were on hand to assist with the delivery on Saturday morning.

“The taxi driver would not stop,” said Mrs Dakin, aged 51, a cleaning supervisor at Thornleigh College.

“I think he was terrified. Jenny’s contractions were every 10 minutes, and we had phoned the hospital the previous day to ask their advice.”

“They told us to wait until the contractions were every five minutes, and this happened on Saturday, so we called a taxi straight away.

“When we were on Manchester Road, Jenny said she felt like she wanted to push, and we knew the baby wanted to come.

“When I saw the baby crowning, I knew she would not wait.

“Thankfully, it was a very easy delivery — the whole process to only about seven minutes.

“Tyrone had called 999 and was receiving advice over the phone, but having watched all my grandchildren coming I knew what to do.”

A medical team was on hand at the Princess Anne Maternity Unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital to take over and cut the umbilicle cord and deliver the placenta.

“We kept her wrapped in Tyrone’s coat until we got there,” added Mrs Dakin.

The drama unfolded on Saturday morning when Jenny was visiting her mother in a neighbouring street in Astley Bridge.

Natasha’s arrival deprived the Dakins of a double birthday celebration as Jenny’s son James celebrated his second birthday yesterday.

“We are absolutely delighted and relieved that everything went well,” said 42-year-old Mr Allonby. “I am only just coming back down to earth. It was an amazing experience.”

Miss Dakin , aged 27, was expecting to leave hospital with Natasha today.

“My mum did a fantastic job,” she said. “I never expected it to happen so quickly, but I am just relieved Natasha is okay.”

Owner of Metro Taxis, Nick Astley, said: “In 30 years in the taxi businesses, this has never happened in one of my vehicles, but I am absolutely over the moon for the family.”