A TOWN centre car park has been condemned — and will be demolished.

Bow Street car park was closed in April due to safety fears after inspectors found dangerous levels of deterioration in the structure.

Now, council bosses have confirmed the building will not re-open and will instead be knocked down.

In a joint statement from Bolton Council and NCP, which manages the car park, they said they had no choice but to knock down the complex as it was beyond repair.

It added: “Bow Street car park has now been closed permanently and will be demolished.

“The car park, which is owned by Bolton Council and was recently managed by NCP, was closed initially on April 11.

“Further assessments have now shown that the condition of the car park has deteriorated and is beyond economic repair.

“A contractor is now being sought for the demolition.

“Work is expected to take place in the coming months.

“The council would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to motorists who used the car park and NCP is seeking alternative arrangements for contract car park users who have been displaced.”

Bow Street car park first opened in the 1960s, and has around 700 spaces — including ‘Ladies’ Only spaces’, thought to be a unique scheme across Greater Manchester.