THE Fusilier Museum in Bury was quick on the draw to win a national art competition accolade.

The museum in Moss Street earned a runner-up Drawing Inspiration Award as part of the 2013 Big Draw, which took place during October and November last year and involved more than 1,100 events across the UK.

It received the award for its event ‘When I grow up I want to be’, which brought to life the stories of students and tutors from Bury Arts and Crafts Centre.

Those taking part drew what they aspired to be and had their drawings included in a big picture in the museum.

Daniel Jessop, Learning Officer at the museum, said: “We are delighted to have been recognised for our contribution to the Big Draw initiative last year.

"The event was a huge success and a great opportunity for children and adults to take inspiration from the older generation and put it into pictures.”

The Drawing Inspiration Award recognises engaging and imaginative events that extend public perceptions of drawing. The museum was presented with the award by the Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust at a ceremony at London's Painter's Hall.

The 2013 Big Draw involved 20 countries, with more than 280,000 people joining drawing activities in museums, community centres, heritage sites, schools, parks and other public spaces.