A DARWEN town councillor has slammed the town’s MP after he did not respond to an invitation to speak at a town council meeting.

Jake Berry was invited to a meeting of the council by Sunnyhurst councillor Pete Hollings after comments he made about the state of Darwen’s markets.

But at Tuesday’s meeting of the town council, Mr Hollings reported that Mr Berry had not responded.

He said: “I have written to Mr Berry to suggest that his criticism is not helpful in attracting shoppers into town.

“I agree that improvements need to be made and suggested that Mr Berry has an open invitation to speak to us at Darwen Town Council on any issue, particularly external funding sources.

“Mr Berry has declined to respond.”

Furious Paul Browne, councillor for Sudell, said: “I am disappointed in Jake Berry for not responding to the town council and I take this very seriously.

“I ask that we write again to Mr Berry and tell him how disappointed we are that he has not come here to speak to us.

“I think it is an absolute smack in the face for us and it is a smack in the face for him as our MP.”