A TRAINEE nurse and her mum were attacked in a Darwen pub following a minor dispute in the toilets.

Blackburn magistrates heard both women were knocked to the floor and the daughter repeatedly punched and kicked by Coral Bethanne Williams.

And the court heard the mother-of-two later bragged about the incident on Facebook.

Williams, 20, of Gillibrand Street, Darwen, was convicted after trial of assaulting Samantha Greenwood and her mother, Trudy Greenwood.

She was made subject to community supervision for 12 months and ordered to pay each of her victims £250 compensation.

Passing sentence, the chairman of the magistrates said it was a credit to Williams that she was strong and looked after her family.

“Being strong and lashing out at people does you no credit,” he said.

“You are a role model to your children and this kind of thing should not be happening.”

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Samantha Greenwood had been in the toilets with a friend and there had been a minor dispute involving them and Williams.

Miss Greenwood was telling her mum about the incident when she was knocked to the floor.

“Someone was punching and kicking her about the head and body and she was doing her best to protect her face with her arms,” said Miss Allan.

She added: “When the attack stopped she saw her mum had also been injured and she had blood on her face.”

Miss Greenwood told police that when Williams started bragging about the incident on Facebook she felt embarrassed and humiliated.