A REFUGEE who studied at Bury College is following his dreams of working in the world of medicine.

Sitaram Pokhrel is currently studying diagnostic radiography at the University of Bradford after completing an access to university course at the college on Market Street.

The 24-year-old was a relocated Bhutanese refugee who arrived in Britain through a programme operated by the UK Border Agency, which allows a certain number of refugees into the country every year.

He said: “I previously lived in a refugee camp for 20 years but the passion and the light was burning to study medicine.

"However, I did not get the opportunity in the refugee camp because of my background. Since arriving in the UK I have started from the lower level to fulfil my lifelong dream.”

Alongside his studies, Sitaram is completing a seven-week placement at Bradford Royal Infirmary, working with patients and doctors.

He ultimately hopes to specialise in MRI or CT scanning, or nuclear medicine.