THIS is just one of the stomach-churning injuries you could suffer if you run for your train, rail bosses have warned.

The injuries are the handiwork of talented York College make-up artist Megan Hale — but the pitfalls of rushing to the platform are very real.

Last year at Bolton Station, 11 customers were injured and eight of those incidents were down to slips, trips and falls.

Overall, 900 people were injured at Northern Rail stations, with some requiring hospital treatment for head injuries or wounds that needed stitching.

In a bid to shock train passengers into thinking safe, Northern Rail sent Ms Hale and a model to Bolton Station last week to recreate some of the bumps and bruises that happen when people rush for their train.

Ms Hale painted scars on to the model’s face as grimacing passengers looked on.

Staff also handed out leaflets urging rail users to be aware of platform gaps and to be careful when using mobile phones on the station and when carrying lots of luggage on and off trains.

Northern Rail’s safety and assurance director Gary Stewart said: “The majority of passenger accidents are caused by tripping over bags, not holding on to handrails on stairs and other incidents when people are not quite paying attention.

“We are carrying out the roadshows to make sure our customers keep themselves as safe as possible while in the station and on our trains.”

Station staff often make loudspeaker announcements to warn skateboards and cyclists to walk on the station so they do not end up in a colllision.

Last year, Northern Rail asked children across northern England to enter a poster-design contest.

The winning posters, which carried station safety messages such as ‘stay behind the yellow lines on platforms’, were displayed at dozens of stations.