A 10-YEAR-OLD boy who cannot swim fell into a moss covered pond at a Bolton beauty spot — because he did not realise there was water underneath the overgrown foliage.

Zain Mayoh’s mother Audrey had to drag her son out of the pond in the recently refurbished rock garden at Moss Bank Park Now Mrs Mayoh wants Bolton Council to take action — to avoid another child making the same mistake.

She said: “We were walking in the park and had two babies with us as well as Zain so were looking after them when I suddenly heard a really loud splash, I instantly ran round and dragged him out of the pond — the water had gone right up to his shoulders.

“I kept thinking ‘he can’t swim’ and worrying about what might have happened if he had been on his own — also you don’t know what is in that water, it could have been bad for him.”

She said the experience has badly affected her son who is a pupil at Bishop Bridgeman CE Primary School, Bolton.

Mrs Mayoh, of Flitcroft Court, Great Lever, added: “I am having to lie down with him at night as he goes to sleep and he has been having some nightmares and struggling to sleep. I think it’s dangerous because there are no railings around it and no proper signs.”

In a response, Bolton Council said that the rock garden, which was originally built in the 1930s, has a number of pools within it and that although they have some floating weed on them “they are not fully covered and have an exposed perimeter, which is visible”. However, the council said warning signs at the park have been vandalised and are scheduled for replacement.

A spokesman added: “The signage reminds visitors to be careful on slippery surfaces and that children should be supervised at all times, as there are a number of deep water pools on the rockery.

“We will review our procedures to see whether any further measures are required.”