POTHOLES on a street which was only half resurfaced will now be filled in — after a U-turn by authorities.

Only one side of Boscow Road in Little Lever was asphalted over by United Utilities following work to rebuild Wilson’s Bridge, which saw wagons travelling up and down the street during the nine-month project.

The resurfacing was done as part of an agreement UU made with Bolton Council to leave the road “in the same state they found it” when the £1.8million Wilson’s Bridge redevelopment scheme started last year.

But this led to fury from residents who complained that workmen had only done “half a job” by failing to resurface the side of the road which contains cracks and potholes.

Now, after revisiting the site, UU has agreed to repair some of the road’s remaining potholes.

A council spokesman said: “On further site inspection, United Utilities have agreed to repair some of the remaining potholes.

“If resurfacing work by United Utilities had been completed across the entire width of the road, the homes would have been at risk of surface water flooding due to the raised level of the highway and insufficient drainage.”

A United Utilities spokesman said: “After doing another site survey we have asked our contractor to repair some extra localised areas of pre-existing carriageway damage which are next to the reinstatement we have already done.”

Elaine Ingham, aged 64, said: “Filling in the potholes will benefit everybody but I don’t think that’s adequate.

“From my point of view, it won’t solve the problem of my driveway becoming a pool of water.

“The side of the road closest to our houses needs to be resurfaced.”

Peter Ingham, aged 67, said: “If they are just going to fill in the potholes as and when, then it’s a waste of money.

“It will help drivers but the same problems will keep coming back when it rains.

“The problem with resurfacing the whole road is there’s no drainage for the water.

“Putting a small kerb in would probably make that easier.”

Lesley Riley added: “If they’re filling in the potholes, that’s fine, but it’s really ridiculous that they only did half a job.

“The whole road needs doing.”