GOLF mad Xavier Good is following in the footsteps of legend Tiger Woods — showing a talent for the sport aged just two.

The toddler first picked up a golf club aged just 13 months and is now competing with youngsters much older than himself.

The “Tiny Tiger” can drive the ball 42 yards and he has completed a four-hole course in just 24 shots — or 12 over par.

According to parents Adam and Rachael Good, golf is the first thing Xavier talks about in the morning and the last thing he talks about at night.

He is self-taught and plays every day, either in his back garden or at various driving ranges in Bolton, including Regent Park Golf Club in Lostock and Hart Common Golf Course in Westhoughton.

Mr Good, aged 33, of Holmebrook Drive, Horwich, said: “He began hitting the ball out in the garden and then he’d start watching the golf on TV and it just went from there, really.

“I was surprised when he took it up because Rachael and I are not massive fans of golf.

“He absolutely loves golf. He’s got a great shot for a two-year-old — he’s much better than me.

“He’s come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time. We’re not putting pressure on him — we just want him to enjoy it.”


His parents first bought him a plastic golf set for him to “play around the house with” and his love of the sport grew from there.

Xavier now owns a putter, a driver and three irons, and has even competed against eight-year-old players at the Manchester Golf Show.

As well as playing golf, Xavier is also a keen footballer and swimmer.

He does not yet know all the golf terminology — but already talks about putting and the tee, as well as playing “big shots” and “little shots”.

Mr and Mrs Good have recently spoken with the parents of Brayden Bozak, a young boy from Colorado, USA, who took up golfing aged two.

Brayden, who is featured on numerous YouTube videos, is still playing golf, aged nine.

His parents have told Mr and Mrs Good to ‘keep doing what they are doing’ to encourage Xavier.

Mrs Good, aged 34, said they were looking at the possibility of getting Xavier some professional coaching — but that the final decision was down to him.

She said: “As long as Xavier enjoys playing golf, we will help him and see where he ends up.

“It’s been a massive shock to see him take to it so quickly — it’s taken us completely by surprise.

“But whatever he decides to do in the future, whether it’s golf or another hobby, we’ll get behind him.”

Neil Brazell, director of golf at Regent Park Golf Club, said: “We can see that Xavier’s hand-eye co-ordination is excellent. He has a higher than average skill for someone his age and he seems to play with a love for the game, which is very important.

“I’m sure that, if he sticks with it, he can have a bright future in the game.”