A DRUNKEN young dad who caused mayhem at Burnley market threatened to kill stall holders and to break a police officer's legs, a court heard.

Marcus Capp, 20, who had had to be restrained by workers during his mid-morning outburst, had lunged at a stall holder and ended up trying to spit at and bite the officer.

The town's magistrates were told how Capp, who had fallen out with his stall holder stepdad, was said to have gone to try to sort it out and make amends with him — but his stepdad was having none of it and his solicitor said: “He could have chosen a better time.”

Capp, of no fixed address, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour on May 28 and was fined £70, with a £20 victim surcharge.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said a senior supervisor had been called when Capp had been abusive at the market.

He was told to calm down and left.

Shortly after, the supervisor was called to the stalls area again and found Capp being restrained. He was kicking out and making threats to kill them. The defendant was taken into the market office and asked to calm down.

Capp was agitated, refused medical treatment and was held against a wall after being aggressive again. The defendant was taken into custody and was lashing out at the police. He had 10 offences on his record. Ben Leech, for Capp, said: “He says his anger was more directed towards his stepfather. He could have chosen a better time to go and address the issues with him.”

The solicitor said the defendant had gone back to live with his mother and stepfather after he and his partner, who had a baby, separated. He was not able to see the child, got angry, took his temper out on his mum and stepdad and was kicked out of the family home.

Mr Leech said: “He thought he would go and try and make amends with his stepfather. His stepfather wouldn't hear any apology, wouldn't listen to him, wouldn't hear him out.” The solicitor added the defendant intended to go and get help from Inspire for his alcohol dependence.